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Pontnewydd is a meadowland course situated on the hillside overlooking the Cwmbran valley and offering some spectacular views over the valley to Newport and the Bristol Channel.


Established in 1875, Pontnewydd is thought to be the oldest golf club in Wales.


The black and white photo below is an image of one of the first club houses built on the site, since the original building, there has been several versions up to the present day club house.






The Course is officially classed as a nine hole course, however it has eleven different holes (greens), seven of which are played twice from either the same tee or an additional tee which alters the yardage and line of approach to the green. The combination of the setup allows the player to play a full 18 holes.....


If you check the Course Overview on this site you can identify the holes and the order in which they are played, 9 Hole Course, 18 Hole Course.


The "special" 9 hole card has been designed to take into account the CONGU (The Council of National Golf Unions) ruling which enables players who are not able to play 18 holes on a regular basis, to maintain an active handicap; this work was carried out during the 2011-2012 season by members of our Veterans Section. The club is the only club at present to use this card which has been given the official seal of approval by the Welsh Golf Association and The R&A.

Pontnewydd Golf Course


Pontnewydd Golf Club

Est 1875 - One of the Oldest Courses in Wales

Community Amateur Sports Club

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